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Counselling for Women:

Life has a way of adding responsibilities, stress and hurt until it seems like it’s overflowing. These overwhelming feelings can come out as sadness, worry, anger, or constantly feeling on edge, which is sometimes directed at those people we care about the most.

​When these emotions and feelings build up, we’re often not sure what to do – parts of us feel guilty or ashamed for feeling this way or for having acted the way we did. At other times, we try to convince ourselves out of feeling this way or just covering it up, but in the end, these efforts often leave us feeling defeated, frustrated or ashamed.

​Whether it’s stress about work, family and parenting, life changes, dealing with the loss of a loved one, conflict in your relationships/friendships or some other type of struggle, counselling can help you learn from your past, find new ways to connect with yourself and those around you and feel more at peace. You can develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for yourself and feel more connected to your loved ones.

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