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First Responders & Canadian Armed Forces

counselling for first responders

Counselling For First Responders & Veterans:

If you’re a first responder or member of the military, there’s no question – you’ve seen a lot, and you’ve most likely seen and experienced things that other people can’t even imagine. Being faced with the pressure of responding to crisis every single day inevitably builds up and starts to have an impact on our emotions, relationships and daily lives. This emotional response is a natural byproduct of how stress and trauma impact our lives and is not a symptom of being weak, but rather, of being human.

​Counselling has been shown to help people manage the symptoms of trauma and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Utilizing different therapeutic approaches such as EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing ) or IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy), we can successfully reduce trauma symptoms including difficulty sleeping, flashbacks, hypervigilance, emotional difficulties (numbness, outbursts, etc) that often accompany traumatic experiences. We work together to help our clients develop healthy coping habits and increase awareness of stress in both mind and bodies. This process helps clients build and develop resiliency, which can also positively affect how they experience future trauma events.

counselling for first responders

​The therapists at North Counselling work specifically with adults dealing with the effects of PTSD, chronic stress and trauma. As a member of the Police Force or First Responder in London, ON, your extended health benefits may cover counselling services as a proactive way to ensure that your mental health and well-being is supported due to the demands of your job.

For members of the Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans, we have therapists who are registered providers of psychotherapy services through Medavie/Bluecross. Often, through consultation with your Case Manager or Doctor, we are able to provide direct billing for services provided, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket for counselling.

If you have questions about how trauma-focussed counselling may help you, or have questions about your eligibility for coverage for counselling, contact us today.