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Professional Consultation

Clinical Consultation

Are you a Registered Mental Health Professional looking for an experienced and educated therapist for consultation services? North Counselling and Psychotherapy offers consultation services to like-minded and trained therapists looking for continued growth, insight and further development of their clinical skills. Our consultant therapists are trained in EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other evidence-based approaches and are here to support you in your practice. Contact us today to learn more about our therapists that offer Clinical Consultation.

professional consultation london

Looking to start or grow your Counselling Practice?

Connecting with a practice mentor or guide who has been through the process of starting a counselling practice can be invaluable. Working with a practice mentor can be helpful for every step of the journey and can help with clarifying:

  • The Why – Clarify your purpose and passion and the reason why starting a practice is important to you, your loved ones and the community around you.
  • The What – Identify what it is that you actually want to create and grow in your practice? What would you like your life and practice to look like, feel like, and what steps are required to get you there?
  • The How – Have step by step guidance and ideas for how to accomplish all the tasks along the way (finding a practice location, branding, websites, social media, SEO, medical records and forms, finding clients, networking, scaling for growth, legal and ethical concerns to be aware of and much more)

If you find that navigating all these tasks is overwhelming or you’re not sure where to start, Mike would love to help you in your journey. Contact us today to learn more about how Mike can support you in your private practice growth.