Psychological Assessment for Kids & Teens London

Psychological Assessment

psychological assessment for kids

Psychological Assessment for Kids and Teens

Often it can be unclear why children and teens struggle with learning at school. Perhaps your child’s school has suggested getting an assessment to help better understand your child’s learning profile or you’ve noticed some learning difficulties that you wish to better understand. Whatever the case, at North Counselling and Psychotherapy, we are proud to offer psychoeducational assessments for children and teens to help provide clarity for you and your child.

A psychoeducational assessment is conducted by a psychologist who examines a variety of your child’s skills and abilities, including thinking and reasoning skills, academic skills, memory, processing skills, etc., and may also include investigation of social/emotional, attention, or adaptive skills. An assessment highlights your child’s strengths and needs and includes strategies and recommendations to alleviate their difficulties. Psychoeducational assessments can be helpful for your child’s school team to better program for them and meet their needs.

It is important to remember that everyone learns differently. A psychoeducational assessment can help you understand how your child learns best and support their success at school.

psychological assessment for kids

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