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Family, Relationships, & Parenting

Individual Counselling for Relationship Difficulties

The relationships in your life can be the source of so much joy and happiness, but also the source of so much confusion, anger and hurt at the same time. Conflicts can often seem to come out of nowhere, feeling as though you’re walking on eggshells around the people most important in your life, fearful of fighting again or making things worse. After an argument, you may find yourself struggling with feelings of guilt or hopelessness, wondering if things will ever get better.

Individual Counselling for relationship struggles is effective at helping to increase insight into your own patterns in relationships. We can help you find a deeper understanding of your emotions and triggers, the reactions and impulses that follow from these emotions and find new ways of expressing yourself to feel more understood and decrease the level of conflict with the people most important to you.

Counselling can also help to identify past experiences that may be impacting your current behaviour in relationships. With the right therapist, you can work towards resolving the impact of these past experiences so you can feel connected in your relationships in the way you want, rather than simply trying to avoid conflict.

At North Counselling, we have therapists that specialize in working with men and women in their relationship struggles. We are committed to helping you find the right therapist who can help you feel comfortable to explore your struggles and take steps forward in your life and relationships the way you want.

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Parenting Struggles

Parenting is complicated. Knowing the right thing to say to our kids when they are struggling or upset can be so difficult. As our kids grow into the teenage years, we can often find ourselves wishing for simpler times when they would “just listen” to us rather than asserting their independence or pushing back on our expectations or hopes for them. You may find that your interactions with your child or teen have started to be characterized more by conflict or avoidance rather than connection.

Knowing how to find ways to connect with your teenager or child can be difficult. As they grow, it seems they can become more interested in their own friends or things outside of your relationship, leaving you feeling disconnected and worrying about them and their future. Finding ways to talk with them about this can be hard, and this is where counselling can help

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Accessing counselling support for parenting can be helpful in many ways:

At North Counselling, we have therapists that focus on helping parents work towards finding connection with their kids and solving problems together. Contact us to learn more about how counselling can help you and your family.