Who We Are

About Us

North Counselling and Psychotherapy is the group counselling practice of Mike Fluit, MSW RSW and Associates. Based out of London, ON we are a group of Registered Social Workers, Psychologists and Registered Psychotherapists that provide quality therapy services to adults, children and teens. If you are ready to make an appointment or have questions, contact us and we would love to chat.

We’re so glad you’re considering counselling. We believe good counselling can help you achieve your goals and find more peace and satisfaction in your life.

People contact us for help for many different reasons:

At North Counselling and Psychotherapy, we help people to find more peace in their life, develop increased satisfaction and self confidence, and experience freedom from past difficulties. Our hope is that clients will feel understood, and empowered to become their best self.

What to Expect

After contacting North Counselling and Psychotherapy, one of our therapists will contact you either by phone or email to answer your questions or to arrange an inital session if you’d like.

The initial session serves to give you an opportunity to discuss with your therapist some brief history, your goals for counselling, and to ensure that your therapist is a good fit for you. From there, you and your therapist will develop a plan to reach your goals, complete with how often you’d like to meet for therapy